2023 SCI Online National Conference

Open To:


Selected Submissions
Igor Karaca
Derek M. Jenkins
Unfinished List of the Things I Love
Mark Zanter
Retracements (2021)
Jonathan Newmark
Everything the Power of the World Does Is Done in a Circle
Jonathan Newmark
Moon, Dog, Heart
Benjamin Krause
Taxonomies of Pulse
Wenbin Lyu
Nor Hope
Daniel Adams
Ian Evans Guthrie
Treacherous Tepuy
Amanda S. Ellery
Raspberry Twilight
Carolyn Borcherding
Heart of the Lily
Joseph Klein
Chain of Circumstances
Mark Dal Porto
In Memoriam
Andrea Reinkemeyer
Wrought Iron
Sierra Wojtczack
Curling Water
Ingrid Stolzel
Silent Music of Infinity
Victoria Malawey
Moon Water Sun
Ethan Soledad
Intrusive Thoughts
Susanna Payne-Passmore
World on Fire, movement 1 for string quartet
Sami Seif
Song for a Friend
Benjamin Damann
Jiyoun Chung
Freestyle Battle
Marcel Castro-Lima
Western Music for Western Ensemble
Amelia S. Kaplan
"Life consists of boredom interrupted occasionally by panic"
Oswald Huynh
Yellow Peril
Nicholas Cline
the air is full
Seolhee (Snow) Kim
Autumn Moves
Leah Reid
Scott Lee
A certain slant of light
Kian Ravaei
Evgeniya Kozhevnikova
So Many Battles Are Accidental
Dayton Kinney
Hand Carved Names and Railroad Tracks
Richard Pressley
Charles Halka
Entropia / Neguentropia
Peter Gilbert
Out Of Line

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