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Frequently Asked Questions

New Music Engine for Organizers

How does this work?
New Music Engine does not charge composers and artists a fee to create an account or to submit their works to calls for works. There is a small fee to organizers who want to use New Music Engine to manage a call for submissions. Contact us by emailing support@newmusicengine.org.

Why use New Music Engine for a call for scores?
New Music Engine is a respected web application in the composer community. It reaches out to hundreds of composer interested in submitting their creative works to competitions and for performance considerations.

New Music Engine keeps all of the submission data in one location! With our system, there's no more tracking down audio or PDF files in different google drives, making sure composers give you the correct permissions, fussing with odd file naming or file formats, massaging google forms, dropbox errors, etc..

Collecting and reviewing scores and audio submissions is easy with New Music Engine. Our website and collection of tools guides composers to complete a thorough submission with all of the necessary requirements. Submissions are automatically reviewed and composers are notified about complete and incomplete entries.

Once the deadline for the opportunity call has been met, and administrator reviews the submissions and prepares the judging rounds. Judges who have registered with New Music Engine can review submissions, rate and grade them in any number of pre-selected criteria, and select candidates, semi-finalists, and finalists.

A flexible judging application allows for the selection process to happen anywhere the judges have Internet access. Selections and comments are recorded and can be reviewed and tabulated. At any time judges and administrators can download scores in pdf file format and audio files as mp3s.

Please note that New Music Engine currently does not facilitate nor advocate calls for works that charge submission or entry fees.

To learn more about New Music Engine and to find out how affordable it is to manage your next call for works, contact us by emailing support@newmusicengine.org.

Why isn't my opportunity available?
When you first add or edit any call in New Music Engine, the opportunity is placed an "unpublished" state. After creating an opportunity, you must set the state of the opportunity to published.

I need to email the artists that have submitted
To send out a message to those that submitted:
On the next screen, you can insert the person’s name and title of piece chosen, but these must be in all-caps and surrounded with curly brackets. For example, {NAME} and {TITLE}. Review the styling help pop-up window on the email page for more information.

New Music Engine currently recommends not including any URLs in the email because this raises the likelihood that the email will be flagged as spam by the recipient’s email client.

I am interested in using New Music Engine. How do I start?
Easy... Just email us: support@newmusicengine.org

Things to consider in your call for submissions: You should also have an idea of what type of judging process you would like to implement. Most often a score 1-10 and a comments section for one round is all that is necessary; however, adjudication rubrics on NewMusicEngine are customizable and extremely flexible.

All judges will need to register with New Music Engine before the judging process begins.