2023 Electronic Music Midwest Festival

Open To:


Selected Submissions
Caleb Westby
". . . and out . . ."
Heather Pryse
Pjesma Za Samocu
David Q. Nguyen
Emily McPherson
The Lighthouse
Zouning Liao
Free Fall
Maurice Wright
A Fish's Tale
Timothy Roy
dans les dents de la guivre
Richard Johnson
Susquehanna River, October
Wenbin Lyu
If the Ocean had Wings...
Berk Yagli
Ideological Distortion
Eli Fieldsteel
James Caldwell
Far from the Tree
Joao Pedro Oliveira
Vox Sum Vitae
Bradley Mikesell
Frank Felice
Ten Sacks o' Sneaks and Snacks
Yunfei Li
Telephone Revolution
Nathan Andrews
Space Oceans
Tim Reed
"...a never departing shadow..."
Michael Flynn
"Pop Song" No. 3 - DripDrop
Willyn Whiting
White Sky Over the Lake
Kevin Kay
Kevin Kay EMM Submission
Jason Palamara and Scott Deal
avatar improvisation
Benjamin Baker
John Mallia
Husk, with aura
Sofia Matus Cancino
Movements of a Remnant
Oliver Harlan
John Mayrose
Sunhuimei Xia
Vanishing in Winds
Shuyu Lin
A Dream of Butterfly, a Butterfly of Dream
Pat Long
Time Point Preludes (excerpts)
Richard D. Hall
On a Seizing Sky
Jean-Paul Perrotte
Ursonate (reVisited) - Themes and Variations
Katherine McLaughlin
John Gibson
In Summer Rain
Thomas Limbert
Bird Loop Study No. 2 (Meadowlark)
Linda Antas
Still Shining
Caroline Flynn
Scam Likely
Guillermo Eisner
Esculturas temporales
Denny Cavalloni
Begon Dull Care
Ed Martin
The Future
Wenxin Li
The Teleport Express
Ramin Akhavijou
Soundstallation 4
Elainie Lillios
After Long Drought

Call for Submissions