2019 SCI Region VI Conference

Open To:


Selected Submissions
Jason Bahr
Fantasy for Five Trumpets
Jacob Thiede
At any rate (take your time)
Andrew Schneider
Les Exubérants, Op. 11
Jason Allan Taurins
rainbow through a prism
David Heinick
From Joy to Joy
Aaron Spotts
Two Days' Bar Talk
Ryan Keebaugh
The Suffering Servant
Ken Metz on poems by Sean Dunne
Letter to Lisbon (Five Songs on Sean Dunne)
Paul Novak
3 Night Pieces for flute and piano
Ken Davies
Crystal Kaleidoscope
Timothy Melbinger
Sonata for Tuba Solo
Allen Molineux
A Sinuous Scenario
Daniel Adams
Of Sand and Fire
Martin Blessinger
Songs of the Solstice
Julian Bennett Holmes
Sonata for Flute & Piano
Gregory Simon
Two Orchids
Jacob Miller Smith
Rest Now, Entangled
David MacDonald
Linear Geometry
David MacDonald
Greek Lyric Poems
Harvey Stokes
Second Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Ian Evans Guthrie
Tropical Sabbath
Christopher M. Wicks
Three Songs on Poems of Willa Cather
Kevin Day
Havana (for Wind Ensemble)
Warren Gooch
outside my midnight house
Kyle James Alm
A Storm at Sea
Kyle James Alm
Lament for the Victims of Separation
Chris Evan Hass
Olympian Suite
Kyle Rowan
Tercets, expanding
Joshua Burel
Selections from Blake Reimagined
Robert Denham
Echoes from Tilden
Nathan Froebe
What Words Cannot Say
Ted King-Smith
Breaking Point
Edna Alejandra Longoria
La celebración (The Celebration)
Sheli Nan
Bailando con mi Caballero
Sheli Nan
Boxy's Brass Quintet
Igor Karaca
Point of Departure
Isaac Smith
Sonata for Tuba and Piano
Louis Raymond-Kolker
Summer Springs
Frank Nawrot
Centering the House/Door of the Grass
Justin Writer
Alan Schmitz
Cello Sketches (3 movements)
John Akins
Cymbalindrome II
Darleen Mitchell
Two Walt Whitman Songs
Travis Wattigney
A Brief Encounter
Yaroslav Borisov
Silent Music
Arthur Gottschalk
Flute Sonata: Llorona
Louis Raymond-Kolker
unfurling core
Adam Sovkoplas
Once Upon A Unicorn
Trent Hanna
Five Pieces from September
Lonnie Hevia
Many Named Beloved
Derek M. Jenkins
Unfinished List of the Things I Love
Ferdinando DeSena
no tears and no remorse
L.V. Wood
Suite for Chignik Bay
Patrick Houlihan
Illuminations for Flute and Piano
Till MacIvor Meyn
Nordic Spirits
Haley Woodrow
Prelude and Transition
John R. McGinn
Two Tag Frolic (1991, rev. 2007)
Robert J. Martin
Here There Be Dragons
Haley Woodrow
William L. Hooper
Quintandra I
Jacob Clodfelter
Lee Hartman
Notice to Mother
Jianjun He
Variations On A Haiyuan Folksong
Thomas Dempster
inflection points
Thomas Dempster
Invertebrate Counterpoint
Blaise J. Ferrandino
Suite for Solo Flute

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