2019 SCI Region VI Conference - Call for Papers

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Selected Submissions
Frank Nawrot
A Harmonic, Melodic, and Contrapuntal Analysis of Tool’s “Ænima”
Greg A Steinke
Music and the Poetry of Austin Kleon
Blaised J. Ferrandino
Composition as Sculpture
Jacob Thiede
The Broken Saxophone: Exploring problems and solutions to notation of contemporary saxophone techniques through Alex Mincek’s
Christopher Kamerling
Is Social Media Spawning a New Form of Ensemble?
Elyse Kahler
Music Composition Pedagogy and Curriculum
Ken Metz, Kevin Salfen
Made in SA: Building Community through New Music
Richard Anatone
(Omen)ous Motives: Structural Unity and Developing Variation in Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack
Robert Strobel
Composers Submitting Online: A Short Demographic Survey
Ian Evans Guthrie
Functional Rhythms in Dysfunctional Soundscapes
Mark Vaughn
Abstract Submission for Paper Presentation
Thomas B. Yee
Innovating Fundamentals Pedagogy for Non-Majors through Composition and GarageBand

Call for Submissions