2021 Society of Composers Online National Conference

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Selected Submissions
J.E. Hernández
Voces Fantasmas - Velorio
Jiyoun Chung
Scissors Fantasia Toccata for Solo Piano
Joo Won Park
Dubious Toppings
Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei (دانیال رضا سبزقبایی)
At any rate II. باقی مانده
Joseph Bohigian
The Water Has Found its Crack: Finding Armenia Through Music
Helena Michelson
From Chansons Innocents
Benjamin Rieke
Feature Selection
Kevin Salfen (poem by Wendy Barker)
After Reading Baudelaire
Martin Blessinger
Three Romances - Homage to Clara Schumann, Romance No. 2
Wenxin Li
Blue Bamboo
Paul Oehlers
Flux Hammer
Joshua Hey
lens flare from Alpha Centauri
Brittany J. Green
there is only you and i
Xuesi Xu
Red Winter
Ryne Siesky
glass, evaporate[d]
Joseph Koykkar
Lacrimosa MMXVIII
Jorge Variego
La Caja de Musica
Robert Fleisher
Six Little Piano Pieces
Alexander Nohai-Seaman
Beyond the Ends of the Earth
Jared Bradley Tubbs
Performance: Anxiety
Joshua Haugen
Truckee Lake
Benjamin Fuhrman
In Darkness We See Ourselves Reflected
Kari Juusela
Daniel J. Armistead
The Aquisition
Lawrence Mumford
Adagio: Of Times and Seasons
Ulf Grahn
Floating Landscape 2 for Ten Flutes
Carolyn Borcherding
Puppet Show of Memory
James Romig, composer
Palindragram (2018) for solo flute
Brian Belet
Stellar Nebulae
João Pedro Oliveira
In Tempore
Garrison Gerard
Switchback (for Orchestra and Electronics)
Natalie Draper (composer)
Three Meditations for Organ
Ted King-Smith
Boil, Grind, Brew
Paul SanGregory
Lightyears Unfolding
James Paul Sain
Firebreak, for solo piano
1) video of a performance
Crystal Kaleidoscope
Mark Dal Porto
Song of Eternity
Amelia S. Kaplan
Double Indemnity
John Kosch
Piotr Szewczyk
Doomscrolling for Solo Violin (2020)
Cory Brodack
Kory Reeder
Somewhere, Some Place Else
Biljana Bojović
Flight of Freedom
Paul SanGregory
Drama of Song
Joseph Klein
Der Saus und Braus — character study after Elias Canetti
Diogo Carvalho
Dromic Episodes
Diogo Carvalho
“Open the Bruise Up”: Identity and Memory in Steve Reich’s Music
Charles Nichols
It Does Not Shy Away From the Sword
Richard Power
Now's This Time Again
Igor Karaca
Point of Departure
Ethan Fegan
Pocket Anxiety
Andrew Conklin
Tossing the Textbook and Decentering the Canon in an Introductory Orchestration Course
Greg A Steinke
Colvin House Haunts
Ingrid Stölzel
Livid Loneliness of Fear
David E. Farrell and Loretta K. Notareschi
How Much Do Composers Get Paid? A Report on U.S. Composer Commission Pay in 2017-2018
Ralph Lewis
Can't Take You Anywhere
Jon Yu
Pak Hei (Alvin) Leung
A Baby's Breath of Fresh Air
Margaret McGinity-Termuhlen
Gender Trends in Music Composition Faculty: A Regional Descriptive Retrospective Study
Maggie McGinity
The New Medusa
Andrew Hannon and Bradley S. Green
Pedagogical Trends in the Undergraduate Composition Curriculum
Ryan Olivier
Will to Unite
Mark Zanter
Points of Interest
Matthew Heap
And The Earth Sang to Me Through the Wind
Wan Heo
Mirror in the Sacred Mountain II (2nd movement)
Wolfgang Scheitinger
flutters and murmurs of an irregular heart and curious mind
Kyong Mee Choi
Oiseaux a l'aube
Heather Niemi Savage
Daughter of the Stars
Orlando Jacinto Garcia
Afternoon Tea with Satie
Minato Sakamoto
Pacific 21
Co-Composed by Dinah Bianchi and Gahyung Kim
Interrupting Penduli for Live Piano and Fixed Media
Tim Reed
"...the land that happened inside us..."
Andrew Hannon
Thomas L. Wilson
Richard Drehoff Jr. (composer); Talea Ensemble (performers)
sullen in this sable mire, For with unbroken words they cannot say
Neil Flory
Entropy of Desire
Charles Halka
Fever Dream
Evgeniya Kozhevnikova
The Boundaries of Modern Jazz Composition: Interaction between Tango and Jazz Music
Kyle Simpson-Assistant Professor at West Virginia Univeristy
Talk Proposal: New Music for Classic Cinema (Scoring Silent Films)
Curtis Rumrill
Songs of an Unnamed Kingdom
Chihchun Chi-sun Lee
Rain Worthington
Message Exchange - for bass clarinet & marimba
Hongwei Cai
String Quartet No.1 ...to the shore...
Dongryul Lee
Quaerendo Invenietis, first movement from Unending Rose
Adam Hill
Desperately Blue
Greg Simon
Draw Me the Sun
Greg Simon
Tell Me A Story: Teaching Music Composition Through Narrative Design
Anne Neikirk
Symphonic Prayers, II: Confession
Elizabeth Start
Echoes in Life
Allan Crossman
Rondo a Pollock
Jeffrey Loeffert
Worthless Mvt. III Retrospect and Conclusion: The Dilemmas of Heroism
Emily Koh
Kirsten Volness
The Pathless Woods
Keane Southard
Mini-Concerto for Piano and 9 Players
Adam Vidiksis
Paulo Brito
Three Songs of Texts of Arthur Rimbaud
Jennifer Bellor
Amethyst Sunset
Turkar Gasimzada
there were noises and tiny bluish-yellow lights
Andrew List
Suite for Solo Violin
Eric Knechtges
"Where Do I Start?": SHMRG and teaching undergraduate composition
Emily Joy Sullivan
Dangerous Curves Ahead
David S. Lefkowitz
18 From ’20
Marcel Castro-Lima
Justin Writer
Andrew Walters
Of Gossamer Webs
Nickitas Demos
Jihyun Kim
Flash for String Quartet
Daniel M. Cavanagh
Melting Pot II. Ballade-Cinquain
Ramin Roshandel

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