2020 Society of Composers National Conference

Open To:


Selected Submissions
Dan Cavanagh
Even if the last bullet hits my chest
Ryne Siesky
Brian Field
When You Are Old
Keith Dippre
California Low Brow (mvmts 2, 3, and 5)
Julian Bennett Holmes
Sonata for Flute & Piano
Ben Robichaux
Innocent Machine
Michael Boyd
I wouldn't eat the strawberries...
Ryne Siesky
Art Miniatures
Kyle Rowan
David Heinick
Jonathan Newmark
Secret Atop the Bluff
Doug Davis
Three Dream Songs (Huffy Henry)
Doug Davis
Eleanor and Estalee
Lansing McLoskey
This Will Not Be Loud and Relentless
JD Daniel
Night Light
Robert Fleisher
Six Little Piano Pieces
Ted King-Smith
Suite for Four Items from a Thrift Shop
Ken Davies
Crystal Kaleidoscope
Chris Arrell
Altamira 1b
Jennifer Bellor
Amethyst Sunset (2019)
Jennifer Bellor
High Resolution
Victoria Malawey
Second Chances
Joseph Klein
Der Tückenfänger
Joseph Klein
Against the gusts of blank repose, a threshold that persists
Julian Bennett Holmes
Piano Trio: Tropo sul Ritornello di Madrigal di Francesco Landini, “Non a Narcisso fu più amar lo spechio”
Kyong Mee Choi
Rippled Pond
John Kosch
When You Are Old
Chin Ting Chan
Shadow Play
Jack Herscowitz
Gentle Evanescence
Haley Woodrow
Igor Karaca
Point of Departure
Ingrid Stölzel
City Beautiful (2018)
Ingrid Stölzel
Light the World (2017)
John Costa
Vignette for Orchestra
Leah Reid
Philip Carlsen
Cool Mosses Deep
Anthony J. Wardzinski
Sunset as a Memento
Bryan Grosbach
Sueños Lunares
Matthew Jaskot
The Streets Were Running — Time Stood Still
Doug Harbin
Robert McClure
Desert Miniatures: Insects
Thomas L. Wilson
The Reflections of My Introverted Sneakers
Brian Spruill
Domine Jesu
Justin Writer
Bradley S. Green
Justin Writer
Suite for Cello
Patrick Houlihan
Snoqualmie Passages
Frank Felice
The Empty Sky
Stephen Hennessey
Remembered Blindly Intermittent
Kyle Kindred
Invincible Scribbles
Travis Wattigney
A Brief Encounter
James Paul Sain
Polestar, for clarinet at piano
James Paul Sain
Syllogism No. 3, for solo flute
Peter Fischer
Sonata for Flute and Piano
Paul Osterfield
Mark Phillips
Fake News
Piotr Szewczyk
Atlantic Currents for Wind Ensemble
Neil Anderson-Himmelspach
Fourier Transform No. 1: Bass Clarinet
Daniel Tacke
fantasia rotationis
Jianjun He
Two Pieces for Violin and Piano
Jerry Casey
O Death, Rock Me Asleep
Qi Shen
Angling Alone In Snow
Mark Phillips
Rev It Up
Uriah W. Rinzel
Cowtown Counterpoint
Emily Joy Sullivan
Dangerous Curves Ahead
Timothy Kramer
Lux aeterna
Tom Lopez
Confetti Variations
Kyle Gullings
the flow of how things will go

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