2019 SCI Region V Conference

Open To:


Selected Submissions
Mike McFerron
If You Walked a Mile
Nathan Froebe
A Mighty Woman with a Torch
Robert Fleisher
Six Little Piano Pieces
Chris Evan Hass
Olympian Suite
Robert McClure
...of the Earth
Joo Won Park
Control Click
Mark Zanter
Earth endures; Stars abide
Rhys Barnes - Yu
Metallic Rain
James Romig
Still: Iterations 01-07
Andrew List
String Quartet no. 6 "Song of the Angel"
Carolyn Borcherding
Tangled Illusions
Xuan Yu
Monologue on a String of Thoughts
Kyle Rowan
Nebojsa S. Macura
Scenes From the Old Country
Hong-Da Chin
Poem Recitation
Jon-Luke Martin
Cold Brew Rejuvenation
M.O. Abbott
Lost Lozenge (2015)
Ryne Siesky
Christopher Biggs
Will all Fall In
Jean-Paul Perrotte
Get Lost in a Dream
Sepehr Pirasteh
Five Episodes
Doug Harbin
Duo Sonata for Flute and Piano
Ed Martin
Shadow Dance
Michael Pounds
Liquid Desires Reborn
Andrew Walters
Red Plastic Bell Abstract
Qianni Lin
Ripple-----for electronic music
Daniel Perttu
Six Preludes
James Caldwell
Minding No Time
Jonathan Schwabe
The Ecchoing Green (Blake)
Pinda D. Ho
Parle Do I
Amelia S. Kaplan
Tuba Libre!
David Gompper
Baily's Beads
Kevin Alexander Wilson
Cello Sonata I The Rainforest Suite
Ryan Olivier
On the Permanence of Water
Kyong Mee Choi
Train of Thoughts
Timothy Kramer
At toi Atrem
Mitch Weakley
Keys, Strings, Clothespins
Matthew C. Saunders
Maximum Impact
Leslie La Barre
Frank Nawrot
Trio for Trombone, Guitar, and Piano
Jonathan Wilson
Wolf by the Ear

Call for Submissions