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What is New Music Engine?
New Music Engine is an online system to upload your music online. It creates a hassle free process for the composer to submit, update, and upload a submission with confidence that the opportunity will receive it.

New Music Engine is a great way for organizations, ensembles and musicians to reliably receive submissions online.

How do I know what competitions are using New Music Engine?
Every competition or opportunity that uses New Music Engine will have a link to www.newmusicengine.org. If you login you can view every open opportunity available in your account area by clicking the Open Opportunities tab.

User Accounts

What browsers are supported?
Users are encouraged to visit our site with a standards-compliant browser, such as Safari and Google Chrome. The site was written to conform to current web standards in HTML 5 and CSS 3.

What do I do if I can't login?
Please note that login credentials are case-sensitive and cookies must be enabled in your browser to use New Music Engine.

Forgotten your password or username? Use the password reset utility at the bottom of the Login page.

My page document expired what do I do?
If you hit the BACK button on your browser you may encounter an error that your document expired. Just refresh your browser screen and all should be well. Navigating without hitting the back or forward buttons will also avoid this problem.

How do I make my New Music Engine profile public?
To make the necessary change, follow these steps:
I never changed my account but I received a message from New Music Engine that my account was edited?
New Music Engine has several layers of security for our users. If you ever suspect your account has been compromised contact us immediately.

In order to be a judge in New Music Engine certain privileges must be granted to your account to have this ability. When an administrator makes this change to your account, our system will notify you that changes have been made.

If you feel that you have been made a judge in error, please let us know by emailing support@newmusicengine.org.


Can I view or edit my submissions?
As long as the opportunity is still accepting submissions, you can verify, edit, and view your submission. To review or edit your submission, hover over your Artist Profile name and choose "My Submissions." from the dropdown menu.

Can I change or update my submission?
Any information you provide including uploading a new audio file or score can be done up to the deadline date of the opportunity.

The media player displays a message that my file type is not supported. What gives?
New Music Engine is designed to support HTML 5 standards where possible. Of the file types New Music Engine accepts for submissions, the HTML 5 <audio> tag only supports .mp3 and .wav. It does not support other file types such as .aif. If you see that your media file is not supported by HTML 5, please know that it has still been received and will be adjudicated. The warning message simply means that the HTML 5 media player is unable to play your audio file because it is not compatible with HTML 5. Clicking the download button will either download the file to your computer or open it up in a new tab/window and begin playing using the plugin assigned to play the .aif filetype by your browser.

I received an email saying UPLOAD PROBLEM. What do I do?
If you receive this email, something went wrong during your file upload. To see which files failed to upload and/or attempt to repair the problem, you can view and edit your submission by navigating to the appropriate opportunity using the "My Submission" menu item on the New Music Engine website.

Some things to check when facing upload problems:

New Music Engine for Judges and Organizers

How does this work?
New Music Engine does not charge composers and artists a fee to create a New Music Engine account or to submit their works to calls for works. There is a small fee to organizers who want to use New Music Engine to manage a call for submissions. Contact us by emailing support@newmusicengine.org for prices and discounts.

Why use New Music Engine for a call for scores?
New Music Engine is a respected web application in the composer community. It reaches out to hundreds of composer interested in submitting their creative works to competitions and for performance considerations.

Collecting and reviewing scores and audio submissions is easy with New Music Engine. Our website and collection of tools guides composers to complete a thorough submission with all of the necessary requirements. Submissions are automatically reviewed and composers are notified about complete and incomplete entries.

Once the deadline for the opportunity call has been met, and administrator reviews the submissions and prepares the judging rounds. Judges who have registered with New Music Engine can review submissions, rate and grade them in any number of pre-selected criteria, and select candidates, semi-finalists, and finalists.

A flexible judging application allows for the selection process to happen anywhere the judges have Internet access. Selections and comments are recorded and can be reviewed and tabulated. At any time judges and administrators can download scores in pdf file format and audio files as mp3s.

Please note that New Music Engine currently does not facilitate nor advocate calls for works that charge submission or entry fees.

To learn more about New Music Engine and to find out how affordable it is to manage your next call for works, contact us by emailing support@newmusicengine.org.

I am interested in using New Music Engine. How do I start?
Once you have decided to use New Music Engine for your call for scores and have paid the service fee, you will need to assign an administrator for your opportunity project. The administrator needs to register at New Music Engine.

Things to consider in your call for submissions: You should have an idea of what type of judging process you would like to implement. Most often a score 1-10 and a comments section for one round is all that is necessary; however, many other formats can be accommodated. All of your judges should have registered to New Music Engine before the judging process.

I am and administrator and I just edited my opportunity but it show up as an available opportunity?
When you first add or edit any call in New Music Engine, the opportunity is placed an "unpublished" state. After creating or editing an opportunity, you must change the state of the opportunity to published.

I'm a judge. How do I begin?
Please consult the following video: